Saturday, 16 May 2009

Hi thanks to Claire I am on track with this.
I am afraid that because of my ineptitude I have fallen behind with this and have done several more walks so don't hold your breath as I will only report on current one , suffice it to say that we have done some lovely walks and the word "favourite" doesn't apply anymore as each walk has its merits.
I have to marvel at how much the coast changes in appearances even over short distances. last Monday we ( Liz and I ) drove to Bush Inn and parked there and then made our way over fields to the coast; this was to Charlies (my dog) horror as he had to be on the lead in case of livestock not good news for someone raring to go the minute he got out of the car. With patience within short time he had freedom to roam. As we approached the coast we saw small group of motley (their coat was in shedding mode) wild goats and the little darlings just moved enough out of the way so we didn't hinder each other, very wise of them. we looked at alternative route to one planned and decided against it as the up slope was very steep and it was very windy so we turned back to original plan. There are other times we can go back. These walks are only 15 mins away in the car. So off we set. Then we came to sign that told us that the cliffs are unstable and saw the evidence and stayed safely on path and then we were daunted by steep sided path close to edge going upwards and the wind was blowing towards the sea scary or what so being careful we gingerly made our way via gorse and other prickly plants following tracks made by animals. We got down safely although my heart was in my mouth at one point and then we reached signpost directing us to Tidna valley which follows the river. We have done this bit before but worth repeating. We had refreshments at Rectory Tea roooms and enjoyed R&R.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

cornish jottings: We're Back!!#links

cornish jottings: We're Back!!#links

intoduction- walking interest

Hi this is all new to me so hope it will fit the bill.
I walk once a week along coastal paths in Cornwall with a friend about 3 or so miles and am fascinated how dramatically the walks can be so different even on the same stretch.
We have grown to become a group of friends and so we have called ourselves The happy wanderers.
We started walking last summer and so have covered some ground. One of my favourites is called the Rumps near Padstow; its a circular walk thats virtually all coast and nice terrain.
We did a walk last Thurs 19th March and started at Bucks Mill which is off the A39 at Bucks Cross. We came off the A39 and immeditely we were in woodlands absolutely beautiful and with even more opportunities of further walks through the woods but we were on mission to see the sea. So on a lovely sunny day we discovered this beautiful hamlet which has water tumbling alongside the road in its own contained walled area. We followed sign post to Peppercombe and so off we went . Some of the terrain was little steep so stopped to catch our breath . The path took us inland and could see the sea through the trees . After about an hour or so we came down to the beach. Then we knew that we would have to retrace our steps as the coastal path we were hoping to walk back on didn't exist !!!! So we opted to walk back over the beach , the tide was in our favour, so we set off on gruelling 2 miles or so over variety of pebbles ,rocks, boulders and huge boulders . It was hard work but a r&r at Merry Harriers put us back on our feet.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Hi am new at this.